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Will There be a ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 4? Here’s Everything We Know So Far

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Image Credit: Netflix

Emily in Paris season 3 arrived on Wednesday, December 21st, and quickly became a hit. Season 3 of this Netflix’s beloved comedy is truly the show’s strongest season.

Emily in Paris will come back with a fourth season on Netflix. Emily in Paris season 4 has already been ordered by Netflix. After the release of season 2, Netflix ordered a two-season renewal by picking the show up for a third and fourth season.

Realizing that Emily in Paris will return for a fourth season and not have to wait for a renewal is good news for its fans.

We don’t yet know when the filming for season 4 will be completed, but we’re expecting that the fourth season of Emily in Paris will arrive sometime in December 2023. All three seasons of Emily in Paris premiered in December which has worked out pretty nicely for the show so far. So there is no need for Netflix to change things next year.

It would be interesting to see if the fourth season of Emily in Paris ends up being the show’s final season, or if Netflix will go for additional seasons of this Emmy-nominated comedy.

Let’s remain optimistic that Netflix will bring the show back for at least one more season after season 4. However, we have seen a lot of Netflix shows struggle to make it past the fourth season so it’s going to be interesting to see what Netflix will decide after season 4.

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