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Why Jamie’s Death in ‘Top Boy’ is Amazing Writing

Top Boy has finally ended, but fans are still reeling over Jamie’s death in the Season 2 finale.

Kano as Sully in the final season of Netflix's Top Boy.

Top Boy is a gripping British TV series set in the harsh underbelly of London, following a group of drug dealers as their lives spiral out of control. With the original series retitled Top Boy: Summerhouse, the series evolved and expanded, attracting new fans while keeping the essence of its gripping narrative intact.

With a fresh protagonist and a stunning Season 2 finale that reshaped the story’s trajectory, the show explores the unraveling of relationships, the complexities of loyalty, and the blurred lines between right and wrong. It’s a journey into the heart of London’s criminal underworld, where survival is paramount, making it a cultural phenomenon that continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

From Obscurity to Prominence

Jamie in Top Boy Season 1
Jamie (Michael Ward) at a local shop where he typically meets other gangsters. Credit: Netflix

When Jamie is first introduced in the series, he appears to be a minor character, a member of the Summerhouse estate with little influence or importance. He’s not the charismatic drug lord or the street-smart enforcer. Instead, he’s just an ordinary guy trying to navigate the perilous waters of the London drug trade.

However, as the series progresses, Jamie’s character takes center stage as the official protagonist of Top Boy‘s first two seasons. He begins to evolve in unexpected ways. The writers slowly reveal his intelligence, cunning, and ambition, traits that set him apart even from the legacy characters.

Jamie’s rise in the drug trade is gradual but steady, and it’s this subtlety that makes his character arc so compelling. Rather than relying on clichéd tropes of instant success, the show takes the time to explore the nuances of Jamie’s transformation.

Complex Motivations and Conflicted Loyalties

Throughout the series, Jamie is constantly torn between his loyalty to his friends and superiors, and his ambition to carve out his own empire. This inner conflict adds depth to his character and keeps the audience guessing about his next move. It’s a testament to the writing that we can empathize with Jamie even when he’s making morally questionable decisions.

Jamie can be classified as a “good person,” since he supports his brothers with his work, but he is not altruistic whatsoever. The show establishes his lack of loyalty early on. His primary objective is to become the Top Boy, a leader, and he killed his best friend Kit just because he knew it would garner respect. Despite this, it’s clear he has people he cares about and has a gang of his own. Part of his personality was that he wanted to bring his friends to the top with him. But once he figured out that it wasn’t an option, his own personal ambition for success took over his sense of loyalty.

The Unpredictable Twist

Sully wearing his green jacket in Top Boy
Sully (Kano) traditionally wears a green tracksuit, especially when on the hunt. Credit: Netflix

The pinnacle of Jamie’s character arc comes in the Season 2 finale, which delivers a jaw-dropping twist that reshapes the entire narrative. At this point, even if viewers haven’t watched Summerhouse, the show has framed the older characters Dushane and Sully to make it obvious that they’re previously established characters. Season 2 focused increasingly on the relationship between Sully and Dushane.

By this point, Jamie had been making deals for Dushane by himself, but he would change them to establish himself as a big name in the market. Unfortunately, this caught Sully’s attention, who had no personal investment in Jamie as a person. The final episode of Top Boy Season 2 saw Jamie celebrating his success with his brothers until he opened the door and was shot multiple times by Sully.

Like Jamie, the audience forgets about Sully being a major threat, especially when they’re so involved in Jamie’s family life before he opens the door. Jamie’s death was also very unceremonious – it was treated the same as any other side character. His brother Stef was the only person who saw Sully’s face and recognized him, kicking off his own storyline for Season 3.

The Impact on the Narrative and Fandom

Jamie’s death removes him from the plot entirely. He’s no longer the protagonist, and the other characters’ stories take precedence. From a writing perspective, Jamie’s death was the end of his character arc and story in Season 2, but was transformed into the motivation for a big plotline in Season 3. It seamlessly integrated itself into the wider world of Top Boy by being one of the main factors for his brother descending into the criminal underworld.

Fans of the show were outraged and shocked at the Season 2 finale. The show’s tone leans heavily towards The Wire. It’s not sentimental, and if someone comes to kill a main character, it’s likely they’ll succeed. Even the actor who played Jamie, Michael Ward, was so shocked that he took it personally at first.

How Jamie Saves Stef in Season 3

Stef’s character arc is not just about seeking revenge; it’s also about redemption. He grapples with the legacy of his brother’s choices and the weight of his own actions. In his pursuit of justice, Stef finds himself drawn deeper into the criminal world, but he also seeks a form of redemption, a way to honor his brother’s memory by setting things right.

Stef befriends Jamie’s friends and wears Jamie’s chain, but he can only imitate Jamie. He doesn’t fall into a downward spiral as badly as Jamie does – he never saw his brother as a criminal because all his experiences with Jamie were positive and family-oriented.

A gang at Summerhouse, full of future antagonists.
A gang at Summerhouse made of both antagonists and supporting characters. Credit: Netflix

This theme of redemption adds depth and emotional resonance to Stef’s character, making him a compelling protagonist in his own right. It also serves as a counterpoint to the darker aspects of the series, highlighting the capacity for growth and change even in the bleakest of circumstances.

As Top Boy continues to captivate audiences with its gritty realism and complex characters, it’s clear that Jamie’s fate is just one example of the incredible storytelling that sets the series apart. In the unforgiving world of London’s criminal underworld, where loyalties are tested, and lives are at stake, Top Boy remains a shining example of how exceptional writing can elevate a television series to the status of a cultural phenomenon.

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