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Which Streaming Giant Will Save HBO Max’s ‘FBOY Island’ Now It’s Been Cancelled?

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Image Credit: HBO Max

FBOY Island gained attention for its unusual idea, where the contestants try to single out the players in a pool of nice guys. The series introduced several lovely stars to the world. Although many people seemed to enjoy the ins and outs of FBOY Island, this wasn’t enough for the streaming service to keep this title going for another season.

One site’s trash is another site’s treasure.

This means that it may not be over for FBOY Island.

Here’s what we know so far.

Will FBOY Island return?

According to Deadline, the company STX behind FBOY Island is trying to find another streaming service to pick up its reality TV show from HBO Max’s cancellation rubble. The site has not found any luck, as the cancellation is still reasonably fresh. Still, STX continues shopping for the service that will give the series one more chance.

Will Netflix save FBOY Island?

Netflix has its line-up of unscripted reality TV series like Love is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, and The Circle. So the chances of this site going for this series are almost zero. However, only time will tell if Netflix decides to take things a little differently.

Will Hulu save FBOY Island?

The partnership between HBO and Hulu is strong. So it’s tough to imagine that Hulu will step in to save the day after seeing how the show performed for HBO. However, anything is possible.

Which streaming service will save FBOY Island?

To be fair, we don’t expect the streaming giants to go for the canceled show in the future. With this in mind, we also think FBOY Island will work best on sites like Zeus Network. After all, this site contains a lot of similar series, such as Baddies South, Bad Boys: Los Angeles, and Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy In Love. So, the series will fit right in.

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