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When Will The ‘Outer Banks Season 3’ Come Out? (2022)

Outer Banks, Outer Banks star Chase Stokes, Chase Stokes
Image Credit: Netflix

Outer Banks season two came out in July of 2021. We were hoping for another summer release, but unfortunately, it didn’t happen. Could the next season be coming this winter?

It’s no surprise the action-adventure series has turned into a Netflix hit! There are so many things that are so great about it! And with that crazy season 2 finale, we are impatiently waiting for the next installment.

In the second season, Sarah tries to escape from where her father put her. This is when her father starts to strangle her. John B is there to save his love and has the chance to kill the man who took his father from him. But the brave teen is firm and lets Ward go.

The family was lost on a deserted island, and one of the crew members helped Rafe recover the Cross. The Pogues, unfortunately, lost the Cross. In the end, Big John is alive, and Carla Limbrey (the daughter of Bella) visits him.

Is Outer Banks season 3 coming out in winter 2022?

Outer Banks season 3 won’t arrive until winter 2022, meaning the Outer Banks TV show will not return this year.

At Netflix’s TUDUM event, the streamer announced that OBX 3 is coming sometime in 2023. But the release date is not confirmed yet.

It’s too soon to know when the next season of our favorite show will debut, but it’s a possibility it will be premiering sometime in winter 2023. The series is already done filming, and they have plenty of time for post-production, which is great! It would be nice if the streaming service gave us a release date soon.

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