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WATCH: This Amazing Supercut Of All The Deaths From Game Of Thrones

150,966 reasons why (the deaths in Game of Thrones).

“Valar Morghoulis,” or for those who don’t watch the show, “ All men must die.” That phrase goes perfectly well for this epic video of every death in the show’s history: 150,966.

The Game of Thrones has been known for the dragons, the love affairs, and, more importantly, the deaths. In the show’s entirety, there isn’t anything more widely known than a character’s death. Whether it be a supporting role or even someone you thought would be a main character for the show, the show has its way of making sure someone that someone is killed is the staple tradition for an episode.

From half of the Starks’ being murdered to only one last pure Targaryen being alive, there have been countless deaths; maybe that’s why the Whitewalker army is so large… Nonetheless, the HBO phenomenon numbs the pain for their fans as it is just expected for a death to occur.

In this 2-minute video, the creators of this video have single-handedly gone through every episode and compiled every 150,000+ death. The benefit of re-watching the whole series is great, but imagine all the hours put into a short video. That is a true Game of Thrones fan right there.

With a few weeks left before the season 7 premiere, this takes place as a memory and a shout-out to all the actors and actresses that has given their life (figuratively) for the betterment of this show. You guys are the real MVP *cheers*

Also, read about how the finale of this upcoming season will be the longest of the show’s history. Although the shortest season, they’re giving us a run for our money with a long ending.

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