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VIDEO: Keanu Reeves Knows What Happens When We Die

Can I be friends with him…?

Image Via: YouTube

What happens when we die Keanu Reeves?

Last Friday night, Stephen Colbert had Keanu Reeves on the show. Colbert asked Reeves what he thinks happens after death. Apparently no one expected such a profound answer from Reeves. The video has now gone viral. Check it out:

I mean, he’s not wrong. It is nearly impossible for the living to know what happens to the dead when they have passed, but we can certainly know how the loved ones are affected. Clearly Reeves knows this very well. But maybe his answer is also a sign that he is not afraid of death, but of the pain caused by his absence? Either way, his answer was beautiful and deserving of the applause he received.

If you’re interested, here is the full interview:

There he goes again, being one of the most awesome people in the world. Remember that time he helped the people he got stranded in Bakersfield with?

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