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VIDEO: Check Out The Trailer For The 8th Saw Movie, ‘Jigsaw’!

It’s arrived.

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Are you a fan of horror and gore like me? If so, get hyped for the final Saw movie in the franchise, ‘Jigsaw’!

It’s been ten long years since the last Saw movie called ‘Saw: The Final Chapter’. However, that was not the end.

Saw is a low budget franchise, making a bunch of money with each movie release. Therefore, there’s bound to be more movies coming down the line. This new reboot will also probably be just as successful as the previous ones due to the formula plot that such franchises follow.

‘Jigsaw’ is releasing this year on 27 October, just in time for Halloween. Check out the awesome trailer down below!

The main premise behind the trailer is that here’s a copycat Jigsaw killer ten years after his death. Furthermore, the killer is forcing people to play lots of devious and brutal games. The police are at a loss of what to do, as in most horror movies.

Seems like the typical whodunit movie with a very basic plot. But, all the blood and gore will probably make up for that, right?

Although I’m not a big fan of the plot, my love for horror movies surpasses that. I can’t wait to see what this new Saw movie will look like on the big screen!

If you’re looking for more horror and gore, check out this new retro horror film called ‘Game of Death’!

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