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‘Treason’ Season 1, Episode 4 Recap

Image Source: Treason / Netflix

The last episode of Treason ended at an open end showing Sir Martin keeping tabs on Adam all the time, presuming him to be a double agent. Now he plans to let a man stick to Russians and win the election for Prime Minister so he can later expose the plot and show off his worth. 

‘Treason Season 1, Episode 4 Recap: Adam Is Hung Out To Dry

The episode begins when Adam is hurrying back to MI6 because of the double agent whom nobody is looking at as everybody thinks that it’s Adam. As soon as he got there, he saw he was no longer in charge of MI6. 

When Sir Martin is back, his badge and phone have been revoked while he takes his family (his kids) somewhere safe place. That safe place looks exactly like the remote cabin in the show’s first episode. 

The cabin is remote and safe, but as it is exposed to so many people, it isn’t safe anymore. Sir Martin’s wife knows about this since her daughter is willing to marry Adam. 

When his wife learns from the CIA the current whereabouts of Amar’s car, she figures out where it’s headed. While on the other hand, Kara also starts to move towards their country home and Sir Martin’s house with a motive to kill Adam. 

Luckily Maddy gets first into Sir Martin’s house, where she has a tense conversation with Adam; they make a few points cleared but leave with many as there were two kids around, and they were trying to keep them safe. 

Then Maddy and Kara team up while Adam denies helping Kara to betray the country. On the other hand, Maddy was working with the CIA to get Adam a clean chit and prove that he was innocent. He knows that Adam was in love with Kara at one point but now he isn’t anymore. Stay tuned for more updates on Treason.

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