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Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99: Netflix’s 3-Part Documentary Explores the Dark Events That Unfolded at the Music Festival


When people speak of the great Woodstock festival , the first thing that appears in our minds for most is peace, love, and fantastic music.

A lot of people listen to stories from their parents or even grandparents about the musicians, art, and renowned vibe and atmosphere from the historic event. But, as the documentary Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99 explores – there’s a different side to this story. One not filled with love, peace and good vibes.

Peace, love, and great music are what people were expecting to see when they attended Woodstock in 1999; yet, a series of events took place that crushed that vibe, and some suspect that may have been the plan all along. Dissimilar to the festival in 1969, Woodstock ’99 was three full days of carnage, rage, riots, and destruction.

The three-part documentary lunges into the behind-the-scenes and can be difficult to watch when talking about the horrific sexual assaults during the festival. However, it also archives videos and tells untold stories from the violent three-day weekend.

Although it was released mid-week, there are no worries that this documentary won’t do well. Woodstock is a word that everybody has heard of, but not everyone understands the story of the events from 1999 and will be going through it to learn more.

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