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The Witcher: Blood Origin Parents Guide

The Witcher: Blood Origin, The Witcher: Blood Origin plot, The Witcher: Blood Origin Netflix
Image Credit: Netflix

The prequel series, The Witcher: Blood Origin, will arrive at Netflix on Christmas day. Viewers are however curious about the show’s age rating in order to decide whether to let anyone under 17 watch the show.

The Witcher: Blood Origin age rating

The Witcher: Blood Origin has been rated TV-MA. This isn’t surprising because the parent series also has a mature rating.
In Australia, the show has been rated MA15+;
in the Netherlands the rating is 16;
in the United Kingdom, the rating is 15;
in Singapore, it has been rated R21.
TV-MA is the most intense rating that a television show can get. Whereas its film equivalent, the R rating, comes in between PG-13 and NC-17.

The Witcher: Blood Origin parents guide

In the U.S., The Witcher: Blood Origin has been given a TV-MA rating for its use of gore, language, smoking, and violence. The Witcher universe is vastly known for its dark fantasy violence. “Gore” in the warning implies that the show involves considerable bloodshed, violence, and other things that can be disturbing to young viewers.

In the original series, we often see Geralt hacking off limbs, gouging eyes, etc. Most of its violent scenes are over-the-top and not necessarily practical. It’s fantastical and aimed mainly at monsters, which might make it a little less scary.
Witcher: Blood Origin is not just about a monster hunter. So, you can expect some more violence between characters as well.

The Witcher has a lot of graphic sex scenes, and we are not sure if The Witcher: Blood Origin will involve similar moments. Viewers will not have a warning for sexual content or nudity in the rating. So the sexual content in the show is probably minimal.

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