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The Showrunner Of House of the Dragon Talks About Larys Strong’s big Turn

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The Strongs are a bit stuck as the longstanding love affair between Rhaenyra and Harwin threatens to come up. After Criston Cole tells Harwin about him being the secret father of Rhaenyra’s children, Harwin beats him up and gets expelled from the City Watch. Later Lyonel escorts Harwin back to Harrenhal, where both of them perish in a fire.

It’s said that the agents of Larys Strong set the blaze, making him accountable for killing his father and brother. House of the Dragon showrunner Ryan Condal talked to Entertainment Weekly about this shocking turn of events.

The showrunners talked to George R.R. Martin about Larys Strong.

“He was fascinating in the book,” Condal said. “We just decided that Larys was smart enough in the history to never to get himself written down into many of the accounts too much, but we knew he was a schemer. We knew he was operating in those places, but he was wise. So nobody really knew what he was actually up to. Of course, you’re only looking at what’s in the historical records. So that doesn’t mean these things didn’t happen.”

Although it makes Larys the Lord of Harrenhal, it also means that Larys made Alicent Hightower feel like she was the reason for their deaths, giving Larys a lot of power.

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