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‘The Last of Us’: What Was The Music Frank And Bill Played On The Piano, And What Does It Mean?

The Last of Us
Image Source: Warner Bros. Television Studios

Episode 3 of The Last of Us focuses on Bill and Frank, whose story reveals how they connected over a particular song. The Last of Us episode 3 begins with Joel and Ellie dealing with the aftermath of Tess’ death, but a clever transition shifts the action 20 years earlier to the town of Lincoln on the day of the outbreak.

Nick Offerman portrays the psychotic, intelligent survivalist Bill in this town, who seizes control of Lincoln after the other citizens leave for QZs or different unpleasant destinies. The two men, however, get close over a song they play on Bill’s piano, a tune that sparks the beginning of their lovely relationship and has greater significance for both men’s lives.

After Bill prepares a meal, Frank feels compelled to play Bill’s old piano while listening to Linda Ronstadt’s “Long Long Time.” Gary White wrote the song “Long Long Time,” which Ronstadt sang and made famous in 1970. The radio music from episode one hints at Frank and Bill’s involvement, but the song has a more profound significance for them and brings them closer for the first time.

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The Last of Us actors Murray Bartlett and Nick Offerman portray Bill and Frank perfectly. The phrase “loves wounds unseen” may also refer to Bill and Frank’s homosexuality, which they may have hidden at various stages in their lives. All of this draws the two together, and Frank immediately notices that Bill’s love for the music represents his more profound reflective sentiments. Frank convinces Bill that it has nothing to do with girls. Following their kiss and connection, the two begin their existence together, which is the primary story of The Last of Us episode 3.

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