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‘The Flash’ Director Andy Muschietti Raves About Working with Ezra Miller: ‘One of My Best Experiences Working With an Actor’

The director made the comment during a recent interview on the ‘Crew Call’ podcast.

Andy Muschietti (left) and Ezra Miller (right)
Andy Muschietti (left) and Ezra Miller (right). Credit: Shutterstock

Despite the controversies surrounding The Flash star Ezra Miller off-set, including legal troubles and tabloid headlines, filmmakers who have worked with the actor have nothing but praise for his professionalism and dedication on set.

Filmmaker Mary Harron, who worked with Miller on the film Daliland, attested to his professionalism and emphasized that there was no melodrama during their collaboration. The director of The Flash, Andy Muschietti, and his producing partner Barbara Muschietti echoed similar sentiments, highlighting Miller as one of the best experiences they have had with an actor in their careers.

Andy Muschietti described Miller as an impeccable comedian and praised their ability to switch between characters, particularly in the context of The Flash’s story, where they portray both the original Barry Allen and the young Barry. The director emphasized Miller’s commitment, discipline, humor, and excitement in taking on the role, noting that the film showcases their full abilities as a performer.

The Muschiettis worked closely with Miller for six months of preparation and throughout the 138 shooting days. Miller’s dedication and versatility were evident as they seamlessly transitioned between the twin characters they portrayed, prioritizing the character who carried the most dramatic weight in each scene.

Despite the positive reception Miller received from their colleagues, their legal troubles and personal controversies have garnered significant attention. However, it appears that Miller’s professionalism and talent on set have not been compromised, according to those who have worked closely with them.

Looking ahead, Andy Muschietti has expressed openness to having Miller reprise the role of Barry Allen in future Flash sequels, indicating their satisfaction with Miller’s portrayal of the character. With a current Rotten Tomatoes critical score of 72% fresh and positive tracking for its domestic opening, The Flash seems poised for success at the box office.

As the film prepares to hit theaters, discussions with the Muschiettis have also touched on other aspects of the project, including securing Michael Keaton as Batman, the addition of Sasha Calle as Supergirl, and the involvement of new DC bosses James Gunn and Peter Safran. Additionally, there are mentions of the It-prequel Max series, Welcome to Derry.

Ultimately, despite the off-set controversies surrounding Ezra Miller, their colleagues in the industry stand by their professionalism and talent, emphasizing their positive contributions to the production of The Flash.

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