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The Episode Names for The New Stranger Things Season Have Been Released

A few clues to the new plot…

Credit: Netflix

The fourth season of Stranger Things might not have a release date yet, but at least we know some of the episode’s titles now.

It’s been more than a year since we last saw some Stranger Things content, and since production only restarted last month it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer until at least early 2021. That doesn’t mean we don’t have any news, though, and the Stranger Things Twitter account has been working overtime to keep everyone wanting more.

The Stranger Writers Twitter account has always been an entertaining mix of funny and strangely inspirational. And now it looks like it’s starting to justify the obsessive scrutiny each of their tweets gets for clues about the next season.

I’m sure you can see the pattern that’s emerging here. It looks like clocks are going to have a pretty significant role in the next season. What can that mean? After all the places Stranger Things has taken us over the past three seasons, it’d nearly impossible to guess. But that’s not stopped Twitter from giving it their best shot, bless them.

Now imagine if you were trying to drum up hype for your show without giving anything away. Would you really tell the entire world the names of the episodes? After all, episode titles can be a pretty big deal. Maybe there’s some secret connection to these temporal titles hidden in the previous three seasons? Maybe they’re fake titles to throw us off the scent? Or maybe the writers got bored and decided to bait Twitter for a bit? We might never know the answer. Oh, wait, Netflix Life has solved it for us, never mind:

Well, the speculation was fun while it lasted. The end of the year’s fast approaching, and if the writers are dropping titles like candy then we can’t have too much longer to wait before Stranger Things is finally back. In the meantime, you could check out the new Stranger Things Monopoly game. Should be able to get through at least half a game by January.

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