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‘Star Wars: Andor’ Director Teases Possible Andy Serkis Return

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Image Credit: Disney Plus

This Disney+ spinoff is killing it. Andor is going deeper and saying more than any Star Wars show ever did, and it’s getting better as its first season progresses.

The latest episode, “One Way Out,” involved a prison escape done by lead character Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) and Kino Loy (Andy Serkis), a disappointed prisoner who believes in the idea that he’ll go free as long as he behaves like a model inmate. All this became clear once he realized that the Empire had no intention of doing right by the many people it was unfairly imprisoned. In the finale, all the prisoners rush to freedom only to realize that the prison is high above the ocean. Most jumped down and tried to swim through it, but Kino Loy couldn’t. Heartbreakingly, he can’t swim, so the guy who made this prison break needed to stay behind.

Andor has tried to tell a grounded, realistic story, so it wouldn’t be shocking if we never see Kino again, except in Cassian’s actions.

Haynes announced that Serkis tried playing the scene a few different ways. “The way that Andy played it, we were doing it where he’s sort of angry and it’s emotional that he’s saying: ‘I can’t swim! I can’t swim!’”

But then he just unexpectedly played it in this serene way where he had a smile on his face, and he goes: ‘I’ve done all this and I can’t actually get out, I can’t swim. This is where we say goodbye.’ I thought that was inspired, and [it] was great working with Andy…it was thrilling.

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