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Someone was able to Upload an Hour of Uncensored North Korean TV


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Ever wondered what it is like to watch North Korean TV? Well someone was able to upload a whole hour worth of uncensored North Korean TV. So, now you can see what people, who live under a dictatorship are actually allowed to watch. North Korea is the last territory to still be under Soviet-style communism. Their dictator Kim Jong-un and his family censor and fill North Koreans TVs with propaganda. Of coarse, he controls what they watch all the time.

Now thanks to this mysterious someone, we can feel what they feel, when they turn on their TV. This video features an entire hour of what is on North Korean TV. The video has over 239,000 views on YouTube! Check it out:

The first 18 minutes shows a story through dancing and music. The story is about a mother and son being controlled by a catholic priest. After this, there is a documentary based on mining and a clothing factory. Then, it ends with North Korean children dancing to music. Well know you know some of what the North Koreans watch in their Daily life. I wonder what there news channels are like. Well maybe someone will post that one day too.

For more news about North Korea check out this next article about Deadly North Korean Female Spies.

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