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See the First Trailer For Coen Brothers’ Suburbicon

Matt Damon navigates the dark underbelly of a town.

This past couple of weeks has been huge for movie news, especially with San Diego Comic Con going on. Studios released new trailers, posters, and information on hyped movies and shows like Avengers: Infinity War, Justice League, and Westworld. All this franchise-related news seemed to crowd out news that Paramount dropped a trailer on July 27 for Suburbicon. The movie isn’t connected to a major franchise, but it is connected to big names: Matt Damon. Julianne Moore. George Clooney. The Coen brothers.

(Warning: this trailer has that “trailer for the trailer” foolishness that movie studios do on YouTube nowadays. If you click play, you’ll see what I mean.)

What is Suburbicon?

Suburbicon stars Matt Damon as Gardner Lodge, an American father living with his family in a quiet suburban town in 1959. His sense of security slips when mobsters break into his house and murder his wife. Feeling unhinged and unsafe, he wages a one-man war on the gangsters, and things start to spiral in the once-sleepy suburb. Julianne Moore co-stars as his sister, who stays with Lodge to help care for her grieving nephew. Oscar Isaac plays a mobster who threatens and challenges Damon’s character.

Hm, a period-piece dramedy about a random person being pulled into a crazy situation with wacky characters? It could only be a Joel and Ethan Coen film. This is the same writing-directing team behind The Big LebowskiFargoNo Country For Old Men, and most recently, Hail Caesar! However, they’re not directing this time. George Clooney, who starred in four of their films, is behind the camera. He also co-wrote the movie with the Coens, based on a script they wrote in 1986. Grant Heslov, a frequent producer of Clooney’s directing and starring ventures, joined the writing team as well.

This trailer comes a week after Paramount’s announcement that they moved up the movie’s release date. It was originally scheduled for November 3, but it will now open on October 27. Until then, look out for more information about what the official synopsis callsa tale of very flawed people making very bad choices.

The Coens tend to work on a few projects at once. Here’s an article about them writing the script for a remake of Scarface!

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