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‘Red, White and Royal Blue’ is a cute rom-com with an awful Uma Thurman

Red White and Royal Blue
Red White and Royal Blue @rwrbupdates @shutterstock

Get ready for a romance that’s straight out of the movies, my friends! “Red, White, and Royal Blue,” the new Prime Video rom-com, is about to sweep you off your feet with a love story that’s hotter than a summer day. This flick takes the cake when it comes to love tales – it’s like something ripped right out of the pages of a bestselling romance novel.

So, here’s the deal: there’s this international incident that pushes the president’s kid and a British royal heir closer together. And let me tell you, sparks fly, and hearts do a little dance. Picture this: you’ve got Alex Claremont-Diaz, the sharp-tongued offspring of President Ellen Claremont (Uma Thurman), getting all tangled up in love with Prince Henry (Nicholas Galitzine), who’s second in line for the royal throne.

This rollercoaster of emotions takes us from feuding acquaintances to friends riding the love train, as their hearts collide over a year’s worth of intimate moments. But guess what? The ride doesn’t stop there. The climax comes when their romance goes public, and that’s when things get wild. We’re talking about navigating love in the spotlight, juggling duties, and seeing if they can weather the storm together.

Their relationship becomes public when their private emails are leaked all over Reddit, causing a media frenzy. Suddenly, everyone’s in on the scoop, including Miguel (Juan Castano), who’s got a history with Alex. This movie gives you the inside scoop from Henry’s perspective, as he’s hit with the privacy invasion right after he and Alex have their big reconciliation dance at the V&A Museum.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The leaks cause chaos, Alex and Henry’s phones are taken away, and they’re practically under house arrest. But here’s the kicker – while the White House and the palace handle things differently, the public response is a showstopper. Alex goes public with their love in a heart-to-heart speech that’ll give you all the feels. Meanwhile, Henry’s summoned to Buckingham Palace for a royal family showdown, and let’s just say that family ain’t exactly thrilled about his unconventional relationship.

Fast forward, and we’re at Buckingham Palace, where Henry, Alex, and Henry’s sister Princess Beatrice (Ellie Bamber) are summoned by none other than King James III (Stephen Fry). Henry’s fam hasn’t been exactly supportive of his love story, so the pressure’s on. The whole family drama unfolds right before our eyes, with Henry standing up for himself and Alex, making it clear that their love is real. The catch? The monarchy wants to keep up appearances and maintain a “traditional royal image.” But when the public shows up outside the palace gates in droves, with rainbow flags fluttering in the wind, Henry’s got a choice to make. And let me tell you, it’s a moment that’ll give you chills. He defies his grandfather and steps out onto the balcony hand in hand with Alex, showing the world who he really is.

But that’s just the UK side of the story. Stateside, there’s a nail-biting election underway, and Alex’s mom is in the running for a second term. With just one state left to call, Texas holds the key to victory. Talk about high stakes! And guess who’s right by Alex’s side through it all? None other than Henry himself.

The moment arrives, Texas is called, and it’s blue! The mother-son duo flips the state and secures the win. It’s a monumental victory, and with Henry by his side, Alex asks the most important question: is Henry still wearing the key necklace he gifted him? And with that, they set off to their future, heading into their happily ever after.

But wait, there’s a little treat after the credits! Alex and Henry are caught in a hilarious mishap involving a towering royal wedding cake. As they lie there covered in cake, Alex whispers, “Do you think anyone noticed?” And Henry, in classic annoyed fashion, looks at him, forms a fist, and then drops his head in exasperation.

And there you have it, folks – a love story that’ll make your heart race, your emotions soar, and your laughter echo through the theater. And don’t forget the special dedication to Taylor Zakhar Perez’s sister, Kristy Lopez. This movie isn’t just about love on screen; it’s a tribute to love in life, showing that even after the credits roll, the magic of connection lives on.

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