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‘Princess Power’: The Voice Cast Behind The Princesses

Princess Power
Image Source: Netflix

The No. 1 New York Times bestselling book series “Princesses Wear Pants” inspires the brand-new animated pre-school series “Princess Power” on Netflix. Atomic optioned the book series in 2018 and started developing it for television. Princess power will debut in 2023 and is produced by Atomic cartoons and Drew Barrymore’s Flower films. Princess Power has been completely produced and developed under Atomic’s supervision.

Princess Power Cast

The program follows the princesses of four significant fruit kingdoms: Beatrice “Bea” Blueberry, Kira Kiwi, Penelope “Penny” Pineapple, and Rita Raspberry. It is a celebration of girl strength and individuality. To support one another and improve their planet, these princesses cherish their uniqueness and become stronger as a group.

Trinity Jo-Li Bliss, as Princess Rita Raspberry, ruler of the Raspberry Fruitdom, is renowned for her creativity and ability to create almost anything using her Raspberry Craft Kit. Rita and her mother, Queen Ryung, reside in the Raspberry Palace.

Dana Heath, as Princess Kira kiwi, a well-known animal specialist, resides at the Kiwi Palace with her parents and older sister. Kira utilizes her Kiwi Care Animal Kit to assist animals, or ‘teeny-kins,’ who are in need.

Luna Bella Zamora, as Princess Penny Pineapple, is from the Pineapple Fruitdom, sometimes known as Penelope, and is the group’s scientist. With the help of her Pineapple Science Kit, Penny can build quick repairs like a robot that collects berries and bubbles that won’t pop!

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Beatrice’s nickname, Princess Bea, is the ruler of the Blueberry Fruitdom, and she is all about the blueberries! Bea, who shares a home with her two fathers, King Berton and Sir Benedict, is constantly prepared to step to the next level, keep things interesting, and rescue the day by utilizing her Blueberry Action Kit.

Princess Power‘ is currently streaming on Netflix.

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