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‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 4 Release Update: When is the New Season Coming to Netflix?

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2023 is almost here, so Never Have I Ever season 4 will not take that long. That also means it will be time to say goodbye to Devi and her friends because the fourth season will also be the last season of the teen romantic comedy.

Never Have I Ever season 3 was released in August 2022. In that season, Devi moves further with her new relationship with Paxton as she considers her future in Sherman Oaks. She continues to grow as her senior year gets closer and life beyond high school is about to start.

Unfortunately, Never Have I Ever season 4 will not arrive on Netflix in 2022. In December, the final season wasn’t on the list of new release titles.

Never Have I Ever season 4 not coming in December 2022

Although Never Have I Ever season 4 finished filming in August 2022, the season will not be out in the same year. Instead, Netflix has announced that the final season will drop sometime in 2023.

The first season finished filming in October 2019 and was out in April 2020. Seasons 2 and 3 were wrapped in March 2021 and March 2022 and released in July 2021 and August 2022. Being so, there’s been approximately four to five months between the production and the season’s release on Netflix.

Since Never Have I Ever season 4 finished its production in August 2022, the season could have been out as early as December 2022 or January 2023. However, the season might be released sometime in the spring or summer of 2023.

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