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Netflix’s ‘The Good Nurse’: What Drugs Did Charles Cullen Use to Kill His Patients?

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Image Credit: Netflix

Watch The Good Nurse on Netflix if you want a thrilling movie experience. This movie tells the true story of nurse Charles Cullen, who confessed to killing 29 patients. He moved around the country – from hospital to hospital – and wasn’t caught until his co-worker, nurse Amy Loughren, stepped up to expose him and save lives.

Though the new Netflix movie is scripted and dramatized, we see many familiar and real elements. For instance, we’re shown that Charles had been dosing patients with digoxin at another hospital, but he was using insulin at Parkfield. That’s consistent with what happened in real life: Charles purposely overdosed on patients.

What drugs do you think Charles Cullen used to kill his patients?

According to WebMD, digoxin is a yellow, round tablet used to treat people with heart failure. It’s part of the cardiac glycosides class of drugs. On the other hand, insulin is a hormone your body produces to regulate the glucose in your blood. Diabetics don’t produce enough insulin, so they may have to take insulin as a drug, either through injection or by taking a pill, depending on what type they have.

In the Netflix movie, Charles is portrayed using insulin as a weapon against his patients. He takes advantage of Parkfield’s sloppy staff by switching out their IV bags with lethal doses of insulin. Nor does he think twice about whether the nurse might catch him in the act and realize what he is doing. Regardless, the move is pretty chilling either way.

The Good Nurse can now be found on Netflix. You’ll also be able to watch Capturing the Killer Nurse, a documentary on November 11 that tracks the ongoing case.

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