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Netflix Opens Bandersnatch Pop Up Shop In Birmingham

Just makes you want to ‘snatch everything from the store…get it?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or you don’t have Netflix (let’s be honest, who really doesn’t have Netflix these days?), you’ve heard of Black Mirror. It has become so popular and so successful that a pop up shop based off of one of the story lines has sprung up.

Bandersnatch is the interactive episode of Black Mirror that was released December 28th by none other than Netflix. In the short time is has been available, Bandersnatch has become wildly successful. With all of this success, Netflix sought to promote the new version of the show in an even bigger way. Hence the pop up shop. In Birmingham you will find a little shop that has an 80’s theme, and tons of Black Mirror Easter eggs.

The store in Birmingham is located next to Nando’s at the Grand Central shopping center. Though the store is not open to the public, you can get a pretty damn good view from the outside.

Images Via: Ranjit Dhillon/ I am Birmingham

Well there you have it folks, the new Bandersnatch pop up shop! I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen Black Mirror yet (don’t come for me pls), BUT I am totally impressed with this promotion tactic. I think I’ll go watch it now, so the shop did its job and I didn’t even have to see it in person.

If you love all things Black Mirror, one of these episodes might get its own spin off!

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