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Louis Theroux Tried To Access Area 51 Only 22 Years Ago

What happened to him?!

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In case you aren’t familiar with what is being passed around the internet right now, there has been a huge blow up about storming the highly secluded military base, Area 51.

Growing up, we were all familiar with the place that was top secret and supposedly was hiding aliens from us right? Well, apparently now people are curious to see what exactly is going on inside that fence. A Facebook event was made and millions of people have said they were going to storm the military base together. Whether that is actually true or not, it is still a little scary to think about.

Louis Theroux went to Twitter to tell everyone about his encounter back in 1997 when he was trying to see if he could get access into the highly guarded place. 

Many people are commenting on this and having fun with this new information. One twitter use, @CliveDavies38 even said: 

What if the real Louis Theroux is still trapped in there and the one we know is an imposter. 

Obviously, this is just an ongoing joke because we don’t really know what is hiding in Area 51, but Theroux possibly is trying to spread awareness to make others NOT show up. He said he threw some stones toward it and some soldiers came down and gave him a stern talking to. I guess he got pretty lucky, others maybe not so much. Let’s not find out, shall we?


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