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Kevin Spacey’s New Movie Only Made $126

Kevin, time to Spacey out of Hollywood. Bye!

Image Via: ABC

$126. No commas. No zeros. Just $126.

Now, Kevin Spacey used to be a hot shot. His net worth is approximately $100 million. But since allegations against him for sexual misconduct were made public last year, his career has been struggling. It makes sense that anything with his name on it would struggle to be successful too. Like ‘Billionaire Boys Club’ for example.

This movie follows the real life story of a Ponzi scheme run by some rich kids in the 80’s. Though Spacey only has a supporting role in this film, it is clear he still “blacklisted” the name.

Filming took place in 2015, well before the allegations against Spacey. But the timing was just impeccable(yes, that was meant to be sarcastic) so the studio had to release the film quietly in only 10 theaters across the US. And that folks is the reason the film only grossed $126 on its first day. But looking at Spacey’s net worth, I can’t imagine he is too broken up about this. And, I mean, it should not really be a shock to anyone involved, because of Spacey’s status. Some people have  predicted the film will fail to even break the $1,000 mark in its opening weekend. You win some, you lose some I suppose. I can’t really say I feel bad for anyone involved, I think they can take this loss.

If you’re a Spacey hater, check this out.

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