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Just Confirmed: Joaquin Phoenix Will Play The Next Joker

It’s no joke!

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Outstanding news for the comic book and film world has recently been revealed: the actor known for tour de force roles in movies like The Master, Joaquin Phoenix, is set to play the Joker in Joker. 

The landscape of the movie will resemble that of the Dark Night Trilogy’s universe—DC fans hope that this next effort to tell the tale of a villain’s rise to infamy will be a better show than the disastrous pile of filth that was Suicide Squad.

The movie about this fictional psychopath is likely to give the viewer an in depth look into the twisted inner nature of the Joker, perhaps even shedding some light on the root of his madness.

Joker will be in theaters starting October 4, 2019, so you nerds should try to relax and not hyperventilate over this news.

Filming is supposed to begin as early as September of this year. I personally cannot wait to see Phoenix immerse himself into the role of Joker, giving moviegoers goosebumps as he rattles off disturbing monologues and exchanges with other characters.

In other DC related news, Wonder Woman 1984, is scheduled to play in theaters on Halloween of 2019. Hopefully it will be strong follow-up to Joker.

For more on what’s happening in the movie scene, place your mouse icon here and click already!

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