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Is Netflix’s ‘I Just Killed My Dad’ Based On a True Story?

Director Skye Borgman’s third docu-series for Netflix tells the chilling story of survival and revenge.

I just killed my dad photograph of father and son
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“I just killed my dad” is 17-year-old Anthony Templet’s simple and unfazed confession. The Netflix three-part documentary runs through the life of Anthony and his father, Burt. It explores a timeline of events in order to bring answers to how someone who was seemingly “treated like a king” could turn into a cold blooded killer. Director, Skye Borgman, is interested in uncovering the events which ultimately led to Burt’s untimely murder.

On June 3, 2019 Anthony Templet calls 911 after shooting his father three times in what he claims was self-defense. Templet tells officials that their verbal argument had turned physical and as a result had shot his father. Templet was initially charged with second-degree murder but further investigation revealed Burt’s history of several emotional and physical abuse allegations made against him by Anthony. Burt was not only an abuser but an abductor of Anthony as well.

Who Was Burt Templet?

Credit: Netflix

Burt Templet who was 53 at the time of the incident was a Louisiana resident and father to Anthony Templet. In 2008, Burt abducted 5 year old Anthony from his mother, Linda Thompson. From there, Burt moved Anthony to Louisana to raise him on his own. It was unknown to Anthony that he had been the victim of a crime until after the death of his father.

Growing up Anthony was subjected to constant abuse by Burt. Burt not only physically abused Anthony but sheltered him from the outside world. He kept Anthony from receiving a public education and only allowed to be in the house where he could keep a close eye on him. In the documentary Anthony says that Burt, “always wanted to know everything. I was always being tracked by something, whether it be a camera or mobile app. He wanted to be in control fo everything.”

Burt’s other ex-wife Susan also claims Burt displayed similar behavior towards her during their time together. This behavior led to her filing a protection order against him a few months prior to his death. In the documentary Susan details information about Burt’s obsession with tracking her and Anthony, “Burt had an app on his phone; with every movement on a camera he’d get a text of what was going on.” She reveals that Burt could even track when a car engine was turned on or off and how many bags of groceries she was carrying.

Anthony’s Secret Family

Credit: Netflix

Anthony and his half-sister Natasha were reunited after she learned about him when the news broke out about the murder. She backs up Anthony and Susan’s claims about Burt being an abuser. When speaking to Wafb, Natasha tells about what happened to her brother who had been considered a missing person for over a decade. “Burt and my mom were together for about ten years and it was extremely violent. I can only imagine what Anthony’s been through. When he was a baby, Burt would hold him in his arms while abusing my mother.”

Natasha and Anthony’s mother, Theresa Thompson, actively looked for Anthony. They had posted missing child posters but nothing ever came of it. In the documentary, Thompson explains that she tried her best to find Anthony given her financial situation. She felt she didn’t have enough resources to back up her search and Burt had done his best as keeping a low profile from detectives as well.

The Events of June 3, 2019

The altercation between Anthony and Burt which led to Burt’s death pertained to Burt’s suspicion of Anthony maintaining contact with his ex-wife Susan. Burt and Susan had separated six months prior to his death and Burt demanded to see Anthony’s phone for evidence that they had been talking. Anthony claims he removed himself from the argument and went to his room where Burt soon followed, drunk and hesteric. At this time is when things began to turn physical.

Anthony locked himself in his father’s bedroom where he retrieved his two guns while Burt tried to make his way into the bedroom. Shortly after, Anthony confronted Burt and shot him in three times. Burt died in the hospital three days later from injuries to the head.

Where is Anthony Templet Now?

Credit: Netflix

Anthony, who is 20 now, is no longer in prison. He pleaded no contest to negligent homocide a year into his sentence and was instead sentenced to five years of supervised probation with credit for the time he had already served. During his probation, Anthony was told to obtain his high school diploma, counseling, and finding full-time employment or education. If he meets all these requirements, his criminal record will be wiped clean.

Official Netflix Trailer for ‘I Just Killed My Dad”

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