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Why You Should Watch ‘Gen V’ If You Like ‘The Boys’

Gen V has just been released on Amazon Prime, and here’s why you should watch it if you’re new to The Boys.

Patrick Schwarzenegger as Luke Riordan in Gen V.
Episode 1 mentions how Vought lined Golden Boy up to replace Homelander. Credit: Prime Video

In a world overrun by caped crusaders and masked vigilantes, Amazon Prime’s hit series The Boys has managed to carve a niche for itself as a brutally honest and satirical take on the superhero genre.

Known for its irreverent humor, graphic violence, and dark social commentary, the show has become a cult favorite. However, with Gen V, a brand-new spinoff series, fans and newcomers alike are in for a fresh, thrilling experience that requires no prior knowledge of the original series.

Gen V is a testament to the show’s ability to reinvent itself while staying true to its core themes. It introduces a whole new cast of characters with unique superpowers and personalities that are sure to captivate audiences. The best part is that anyone can dive right into this exciting new world without ever having to watch a single episode of the original series.

What Makes Gen V Different?

The main characters of Gen V.
Marie, Emma, and Cate, three of the main characters of Gen V. Credit: Prime Video

The world of Gen V is a departure from the well-trodden superhero tropes we’ve come to expect. Here, every character is an original creation, and their powers are as diverse as they are unpredictable. Some aspects of the story are totally original, so even if you’ve read Garth Ennis’ comic book run, this part of The Boys‘ universe is totally foreign. While some might draw comparisons to classic superheroes, such as flying or super strength, each character comes with its own set of pros and cons that add depth and complexity to the narrative.

Unlike the main show, the central characters in this spin-off are all genuinely good people. The best example of this is Golden Boy (Patrick Schwarzenegger). He’s basically The Boys‘ take on Marvel’s Human Torch. Just like the Human Torch, Golden Boy can light his own body on fire, melt things with a touch, and fly. Surprisingly, he’s a completely original character made just for the show. Although Godolkin University appeared in the comics, this character never did.

An important part of the show is the ranking system at Godolkin University. Everyone in the top 10 is groomed to become social media stars and corporate shills for Vought Industries. They go to galas and have scripted interviews, and the temptations such high status holds can be seen very early on. Marie Moreau, the protagonist, accidentally enters the top ranks and has to navigate both her normal life and her fake personality to help her friends.

How a Smaller Scale Leads to Tighter Writing

Golden Boy and Marie Moreau in Episode 1.
Marie Moreau meets Golden Boy for the first time in Episode 1. Credit: Prime Video

Gen V structures itself as a character-driven mystery show without the need for additional world-building focus. The spinoff differentiates itself through its more intimate and focused storytelling. It unfolds events primarily within the confines of Godolkin University, a prestigious institution for superpowered individuals, rather than spanning across the entire nation.

The university conceals a dark secret: an underground facility called The Woods, where certain students undergo experiments for unknown reasons. The show’s primary focus centers on uncovering the mysterious disappearance of one of the students and unraveling the enigma of The Woods.

This smaller scale and concentration on a single objective enable the writers to create a tighter and more intricate narrative. They delve deep into the lives, struggles, and moral dilemmas of the characters. Unlike The Boys, which revolves around a war between two factions, Gen V’s characters navigate the plot instead of exerting influence over it, representing a reversed dynamic from the main show’s approach.

Why Comic Book Fans Will Love Gen V

Fans of X-Men will instantly find a connection with Gen V. It preserves the core tragedy of possessing superpowers in The Boys’ universe, yet it stands out for the distinctiveness of its characters. These heroes are at an age where their values remain untainted by Vought. The source of much villainy arises from the faculty members among the school’s adults and the older super-powered staff who aim to conceal a conspiracy.

The story starts with some common themes. A young girl discovers she has special abilities and gets sent to Godolkin University. There she meets others facing similar issues. But Godolkin University isn’t like your usual schools.

There, young folks are really into social media and being popular. They feel bad about their powers if they don’t seem cool enough. Success outside of school mostly goes to those who can make themselves look good. Marie Moreau has to save her friends by posing for the camera and solving the central mystery.

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