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Filmmaker Louis Theroux Set To Release Trump Documentary

Good one, Theroux.

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If you don’t know the name Louis Theroux, get on the train right now. The British filmmaker is set to create a documentary entirely about Donald Trump. If Theroux’s other projects are any indication of how good this new film will be, then hold onto your hats, people.

Theroux is known for his intense dedication to his work. In some documentaries, has lived close to or among the people he is filming, including porn stars, black nationalists, and survivalists. At other times, he has accompanied celebrities around for days on end, capturing every single aspect of their lives. The filmmaker has even won two BAFTA awards.

Following the trajectory of Theroux’s global success and his unique style, this next project is sure to be a hit. And thanks to a recent tweet from President Trump, it seems as though Theroux already has a title for his documentary.

The title is in a clever reference to a series of tweets in which Trump called himself a “very stable genius”. It makes sense right? Calling yourself a stable genius to your hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers makes you very stable-minded indeed…

Credit: Wikipedia

Trump’s Tweets

But let’s be honest, did you really expect anything less from the US president? To give Theroux credit, his idea would make a perfect title. Although to be sure, he’ll probably have even more title options to work with by the time the documentary is finished. When you have the leader of the free world tweeting – fairly unrestricted – several times per day, there is bound to be some pretty great content

Perhaps Theroux’s documentary is exactly what America, and even the world, needs at the moment. A little lightheartedness, a bit thought-provoking, some sick camera angles of Trump’s ‘do…Theroux is sure to release an incredible project.

Louis Theroux is actually even cooler than you imagined. Click here to see his Twitter bot that generates the most inventive documentary ideas.

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