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Documentarian Louis Theroux Set To Debut Three Part Series

Documentaries for days!

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Documentaries have a way of opening eyes, hearts, and minds in a way no other type of media can. (Remember Blackfish anyone)

Documentary film maker Louis Theroux, said to be one of the greatest documentarians of the generation, will release a three part series in November. It has been almost two years since we have been blessed with new material, so the excitement about this project is through the roof. He of course was very coy about the series when questioned:

I’ve got a series coming up, it’s coming out in November. I can’t say much about it. But it’s a three-parter and it’s set in America. BBC 2. (Quote courtesy of The Sun)

When questioned about some of his bucket list interviewees he said:

I always used to say R Kelly, because there were allegations over sexual misconduct.

“ut I think BBC 3 might have done a documentary about some alleged sexual misdeeds so that horse might have bolted.

I follow the Weinstein allegations avidly and I think there is something really interesting with that, but I haven’t figured out how you would get into it.

Theroux has produced documentaries like “My Scientology Movie” and “When Louis Met…” so if you’re just itching to see some of his work before November a lot of it has been uploaded to the BBC iPlayer. I can’t wait to see what the series will bring.

If you like documentaries, check out this film about Elvis.

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