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Dash Cams Filming The Mania of Russian Roads in ‘The Road Movie’

They’re a crazy bunch.

Dash Cams are becoming more and more popular, perhaps due to the increasingly confrontational nature of the population, they are necessary.

YouTube is filled with video of people fighting on the roadside or simply causing accidents through sheer stupidity.

Oscilloscope Laboratories have collected enough of this footage to make a feature-length film!

I can’t believe there is that much out there but people sure do get crazy on Russian roads.

Check the trailer out:

Viral videos are a part of our everyday life it seems so why not make a move just full of them!

I have no doubt this will be worth the watch, might make us think a bit more about how we drive and behave on the roads.

If you thought this was good check out the road rage of these guys!

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