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Creator of Luther Says The Newest Series Is Going To Be The BEST Yet

Exciting news.

Credit: BBC Studios Drama Production

 After the shocking year that was 2017, what with political turmoil, hurricanes, bizarre social media trends, some good news in 2018 is welcome.

If you’re a fan of Luther, get ready, because the creator of the hit TV series Idris Elba says the newest series is going to be the best one yet. Detective John Luther will be back on your screen solving all-new mysteries with even bigger twists than before.

But don’t worry, the new series isn’t diverging too much for what we all know and love.

“It’s classic Luther,” says Idris Elba as he teases the return of the troubled London detective for series five. “We’re not reinventing the wheel.” – 

Idris Elba shooting the Luther 2015

There will be four brand new episodes airing on BBC to tie all the unfinished knots and pose a few more questions. The episodes are set to air at the end of January 2018. So while January is a dreary old month and everyone’s poor, at least we have this to look forward to. In terms of the plot for the upcoming season, Elba hasn’t given much away. This is in keeping with the tone of the show itself; elusive, exciting, and addictive.

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