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Checkout This Exclusive Clip Of Self-Proclaimed Superfan Named Joezen In The Price Is Right Night Episode

The Price Is Right
Image Source: CBS

An exclusive clip of a superfan from the night episode of “The Price Is Right” has been presented here. In 1972, the famous game show “The Price Is Right” first time debuted and continuously gained more popularity among people. This game show is known as the longest-running game show across the globe, which used to come five days a week. Drew Carey hosted this popular show after the retirement of Bob Barker in 2007. “The Price Is Right” game show is about winning fantastic cash prizes and products depending on people’s ability to surmise the multitude of goods’ prices. 

Over 50 years, immense popularity has been observed for this series. It is growing its franchise and becoming a pop culture point to expand into video games, board games, and print media. This popular show has created a global craze, especially in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Mexico. 

The exclusive clip reflects a self-proclaimed superfan named Joezen, wearing a cape and “The Pride Is Right Superfan” shirt. He mentioned that he had been following this game show for 40 years and was very much interested in playing games on the show, especially the shell game. He also showed his back shirt to the host Drew Carey, which offers a picture of him when he was a contestant on the show with Bob Barker. 

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On February 1, the superfan will be debuted and celebrate this show’s most passionate and desiccated fans. This superfan episode has many things to show for their fanbase, which includes fans with extensive memorabilia, special thanks to beloved fans, dinner with Drew Carey, amazing prizes to Switzerland, and many more. 

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