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Charlie Brooker’s 2017 Wipe About Trump Is Just As Brutal As You Expected

Charlie Brooker wiped Trump in the most brutal way.

Image Via Digital Spy

Here Is What  Charlie Brooker’s WeeklyWipe Was Going TO say About Trump, And It Is Brutal As Fuck.

While we did not originally get to enjoy Charlie Brooker’s yearly Weekly Wipe which always gives a brutal, sarcastic and hilarious commentary on the year’s events, given that it was cancelled last year due to scheduling difficulties as Brooker explained in November.

But do not get too disappointed, a colleague of the Black Mirror Creator, Jason Hazeley, who is a colleague of Brooker’s and an associate crew member of six previous yearly wipes has shared what they were going to say about Trump last year and it does not disappoint.

Warning: This contains language that some may find offensive.

What a wonderful combination of words.

It’s not like Trump did not have it coming though, in his first year as president, he flirted with nuclear war, barely did anything to solve the suffering in Puerto Rico, and failed to condemn white supremacists. So there is a lot of material for comedians to work with.

Also, what a perfect time for this tidbit of brutal, comedic material to be released as Trump is in the UK and spurring on protests and inciting conversation. You have got to love Britain.

Just for fun, here are my personal favourite quotes from above:

“A man who looks like he is constantly shitting”

“Worzel Gummidge after a spa weekend”

“A billionaire bigot who looks a bit sweaty because he’s trying to smuggle the prototype of a giant Shredded Wheat out of the factory by hiding it above his forehead”

“A soulless rich white male who claims to represent ordinary, hard-working people – in much the same way I could be said to represent the Brazilian grimecore community or the nineteen-headed creatures of the planet Blitheroid or the international carpet-eating association.”

For more on people targeting Trump in the most hilarious way, check out Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film, targeting Trump.

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