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5 Best Korean Dramas on Netflix in 2022

Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Extraordinary Attorney Woo Netflix
Image Credit: Netflix

2022 is coming to an end soon, and we have decided to look back at everything Netflix has released throughout the year. Below we have provided the list of the top 5 best Korean dramas on Netflix in 2022.

Business Proposal

The show is hilariously funny. The acting is just perfect, and viewers will absolutely love the two main leads. They have incredible chemistry, which makes the love story much more reasonable. Those who are looking for something light-hearted and refreshing should check out Business Proposal.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One

It is based on the love story of two very different people, which spans from the year of 1998 to 2021. The story starts with a passionate teen girl whose dreams of being a fencer are crushed by a sudden financial crisis in Korea in the 1990s. She then meets a hardworking comic book shop employee and eventually realizes that he may be the person to keep her motivated. They eventually fall in love with a lot of obstacles thrown their way.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is not just a typical Korean series. The show is about Woo Young-woo. An intelligent attorney with Asperger’s syndrome, she works with challenging cases in the courtroom at a top law firm.

Park Eun-bi, the lead actress, gives us a remarkable performance through and through. There are times when shows do a horrible job of representing the autistic community, but Extraordinary Attorney Woo successfully presented an honest portrayal of someone on the autism spectrum.


Tomorrow is about a young man named Choi Jun-wrong, who is unable to get a job. However, his life unexpectedly changes when he accidentally meets grim reapers from the underworld. Now, Choi Jun-woong is working for a crisis management team to undergo special missions, like saving suicidal people.

Little Women

Little Women is about three poor sisters whose lives change forever after getting entangled in a case that involves the wealthiest and most influential family in South Korea.

The main cast includes Kim Go-Eun, Nam Ji-hyun, and Park Ji-hu. As expected, their performance was incredible. Those who are looking for something suspenseful and full of mystery can check out Little Women.

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