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3 Stranger Things Characters That Definitely Won’t Return for Season 5

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Now that Stranger Things season 4 has ended on Netflix, all attention has been focused on the incoming fifth and final season. We’re all wondering when filming will start and when it’ll come out. Sadly, we don’t have a set production or release date for the show, so no spoilers just yet.

Is Eddie Munson in Stranger Things season 5?

In the fifth season, people would love to see Joseph Quinn return as Eddie Munson, including Quinn himself. However, it’s not going to happen. If you recall, the fan-favorite character died after sacrificing himself for others in the season 4 finale.

Is Jason Carver in Stranger Things season 5?

Jason Carver (Mason Dye) is one of the characters who will not return in the fifth season of Stranger Things. However, honestly, we do not care that much. He was one of the antagonists in the fourth season, and he was dead by the end of the season 4 finale. After a fistfight with Lucas in the attic of the Creel house, Jason got himself knocked out and fell unconscious. A few Moments later, a curse gate opens on the attic floor and kills him instantly.

Is Dr. Brenner (Papa) in Stranger Things season 5?

Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) will not be there in the fifth season either. Dr. Brenner couldn’t cheat death a second time. Dr. Brenner was presumed dead after a Demogorgon attacked him in the first season. However, in the second season, Eleven realizes he survived the attack.

After Eleven gets back her powers and is ready to leave the secret facility to return to Hawkins to help her friends, Dr. Brenner doesn’t let her leave. Shortly after, the US Military arrives and gets inside the facility. As Dr. Brenner and Eleven try to run away, Dr. Brenner becomes fatally wounded by several gunshots, but Eleven successfully escapes.

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