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‘1899’: Why Do The Passengers On The Kerberos Jump Ship?

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Image Credit: Netflix

After Maura rescues the boy from the cabinet, the boy takes her back to her room to show her the shaft under a bed. In the meantime, Eyk and a few other passengers become alarmed by a siren going off on the ship. After a while, a ticking sound starts when the siren goes off, and everyone gets confused again by the sound. However, after the ticking sound goes on for a couple of seconds, passengers start to move into a trance-like state that apparently can’t be broken.

The Kerberos and the passengers on the ship are all part of a simulation that Maura and her husband, Daniel, developed to keep their dying son Elliot alive. So, everything that happens on the Kerberos is fake. When the passengers jump ship, they don’t die, and it’s a part of Maura and Daniel’s constructed simulation that’s happened dozens of times.

The Prometheus was a previous simulation. But the passengers on the Kerberos are all the same, and that’s why Maura and Eyk’s names were in the Prometheus logbook. Each simulation goes on for eight days before restarting. So, once the Prometheus simulation was done, the passengers turned on a new loop on the Kerberos.

So, none of the passengers who jumped off the Kerberos died, and the passengers jumped off the Kerberos because it was a part of a simulation.
Everything resets when the simulation restarts.

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