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Netflix Renews Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Sandman’ For More Season 1 Episodes

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There’s good news for the sandman fans! Netflix’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s seminal comic The Sandman has finally been renewed, 89 days after the premiere of season 1 on August 5th.

The Sandman created enormous hype when it premiered on Netflix. It even stood alongside fantasy giants like House of the Dragon and The Rings of Power. The numbers speak for themselves. The series earned a watch time of 69.5 million hours in its first week, and the figure almost doubled to 127.5 million in its second. The show also got rave reviews from fans and critics alike.

“Millions upon millions of people have welcomed and watched and loved The Sandman on Netflix, from established Sandman fans to people who were simply curious, and then became obsessed with the Lord of Dreams, his family and their goings-on,” Neil Gaiman said in a statement.

“It gives me unbelievable pleasure to say that, working with Netflix and Warner Bros., Allan Heinberg, David Goyer, and I will be bringing even more of The Sandman stories to life.”

Showrunner David S. Goyer said, “I’m profoundly grateful to Netflix and to Warner Bros. — to the artists and crew who made our first 11 episodes so magical — and to the extraordinary fans of The Sandman, who advocated tirelessly — endlessly — on the show’s behalf and made it possible for us to continue telling Morpheus’ story,”.

But a lot of questions were raised regarding Netflix’s announcement of its renewal. The platform never said “season 2.” Rather, the announcement was of “new episodes” based on “multiple volumes” of the comic.

The Sandman premiered an episode separate from the main season: Episode 11, “Dream of a Thousand Cats/Calliope,”. This was advertised as a special event.

But we are getting new handyman episodes.

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