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UK Rapper Skepta Is Ordained As Chief Due To His Positive Contributions to Society

Now this is how a king should be treated.

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Maybe some people expect that when you attain a certain level of fame, that you are supposed to give back to your community. This is a nice concept, but not everyone always does it. That’s why when someone actually does, and not for the publicity, they deserve the recognition.

That’s why when Skepta, a famous rapper from the UK, is awarded the chieftaincy title in Nigeria, it comes as no surprise. Skepta makes his love for his country known through his music and his constant visits back home. Especially over the past few years, he has traveled back and forth to Nigeria with a goal to help grow the entertainment industry. He wants to bring ‘the culture’ back home.

On his most recent visit to Nigeria, Skepta headlined BBK’s major Homecoming event, and that’s where he was honored with the title of ‘Chief’.

Skepta focused a lot of time and effort in giving back to his community, starting in his hometown in Ogun State and eventually reaching to help other towns in Nigeria. Two years ago, he built a playground and many schools in his community of Odo-Aje, Ijebu-Ode. So it’s no shock when he’s given the official title of “Amuludun of Odo-Aje”, chief of entertainment in his local village.

Skepta shared his gratitude over an Instagram post:

“Thank you to the Baale, Chiefs of Odo Aje and King for presenting me with my chieftaincy title today.

I am honored and will continue to put time and love into Nigeria, especially the community of Odo Aje.”

Usually, in order to receive a chieftaincy title, you have to make significant positive contributions to the society, and obviously, Skepta exceeds this qualification.

Here he is: Chief Joseph Olatitan Adenuga Jr, Amuludun of Odo Aje!

Maybe we’ll hear him using his new title in his music. Until then, here are more chief-worthy things. Check out The Flavours of Black Panther’s Wakanda Brought to Life!

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