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Travis Scott Denies Legal Liability in Astroworld Tragedy and Requests to Dismiss Multiple Lawsuits Against Him

Travis Scott has sparked outrage after new court documents revealed he “generally denies the allegations” filed against him following the Astroworld tragedy last month.

Credit: Frank Schwichtenberg/ Wikimedia Commons

Travis Scott has sparked outrage after new court documents revealed he “generally denies the allegations” filed against him following the Astroworld tragedy last month.

Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert saw ten people killed during a crowd surge that occurred during Scott’s performance on Nov. 5 at NRG Park in Houston. Hundreds of other concertgoers were left with severe injuries.

Several witness testimonies detailed numerous people being crushed and trampled by one another in the crowd. Fan footage shared by attendees of the festival showed Scott appearing to encourage the crowd to participate in mosh pits and continuing to perform despite the situation in the crowd.

This TikTok shows a large part of the crowd chanting ‘stop the show’ whilst the show continued.

After the show was officially declared a mass casualty incident, Scott continued to play on for a reported 37 minutes. However, sources close to the rapper have maintained that he only found out about the severity of the situation “hours and hours after the concert.”

In the weeks since the tragedy, Scott — who headlined and produced the annual event — has been named as a defendant in over 200 lawsuits. Many have cited “negligence” and the “encouragement of violence,” among other harms.

The majority of the suits have been filed against Scott and various connected companies — including Cactus Jack Records and Live Nation — by the families of the victims, as well as security guards at the event. According to reports, the lawsuits are seeking a collective sum of roughly $3 billion in damages.

In his first legal response, on December 6, Scott, via his attorneys, requested to be dismissed from 11 lawsuits filed against him.

According to court documents, Scott and his company “generally deny the allegations” made in the suits and “respectfully request that the claims against these Defendants be dismissed with prejudice.”

Several of the festival’s promoters and connected companies, including Live Nation, ScoreMore, Harris County Sports, and Convention Corporation, further denied all allegations made against them.

Scott in his apology posted to Twitter said he was committed ‘to heal and support the families in need.’ He has come under controversy from fans now for dismissing responsibility.

Elsewhere, Scott offered to cover the costs of the funerals for those who died at the concert while providing one month’s free therapy for survivors in a brand partnership. However, his proposal has since been rejected by some of the victims’ families.

Last week, the family of Ezra Blount — a 9-year-old boy who died following injuries he sustained at the festival — declined Scott’s offer to pay for the funeral. Blount was believed to be the youngest victim of the tragedy.

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