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Peter Dinklage From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Was Once In A Punk Band

And it was just as dangerous as his GoT acting gig.

And it was just as dangerous as his GoT acting gig.

Everyone knows the “Game of Thrones” star, Peter Dinklage. But does everyone know that he used to be kind of a rock star, as well?

That’s right. The actor behind Tyrion Lannister was the front man of punk rock band Whizzy in New York City back in the day.

While talking to Playboy, he said,

I have a pretty big scar that runs from my neck to my eyebrow.

I was in a band called Whizzy for many years in New York. We were this punk-funk-rap band.

We played a show at CBGB, and I was jumping around onstage and got accidentally kneed in the temple. I was like Sid Vicious, just bleeding all over the stage.

Blood was going everywhere. I just grabbed a dirty bar napkin and dabbed my head and went on with the show.

We didn’t care much at the time about personal safety. We were smoking and drinking during our shows, and one time my bass player fell off the back of his amp because he passed out.

It was one of those bands.

So, that’s pretty wild. Not fully GoT-level wild, but wild nonetheless. Unfortunately, there are no songs or videos of his performances available.

I wonder if Peter Dinklage will get the band back together one day. Then maybe drop an album. Then get world famous—oh wait, he’s already there, isn’t he?

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