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How Artists Have Created Music Videos Despite Lockdown Restrictions

Truly innovative people revolutionizing the way music videos are produced!

Left to right: Kehlani, Celebrity Blog, Billie Eilish, twenty one pilots

Given the various restrictions lockdown has put on our lives it’s hard to picture filming music videos or even movies in general. These artists however utilized their resources and creativity to create music videos despite being pushed into these difficult working conditions.

 Most productions had to stop in the wake of lockdown way back in march now a few months have passed and creatives/artists are finding workarounds to create videos for the entertainment of their fans. 

For a look into how people are making videos check out this video where the channel, “Audio Visual Multimedia” breaks down their process.

Starting off our collection is Billie Eilish’s music video for her song titled, “My Future:” 

The video uses animation to get around the physical limitations of recording music videos. The result looks very nice with smooth animations and even could be seen as showing a bit of social distancing as she is seen alone in this very nature scene. 

 The artist Kehlani has put out a number of music videos wherein she observes lockdown orders. The difference here is that her videos are live-action. This likely means she had to work with a greatly reduced crew to get the video filmed. She even as far as to start her own production company as a result. 

While not the best on this list, this video was definitely a pleasant unexpected surprise from Adam Sandler.

The actor gives fans and viewers a sample of his musical talents as he records this video at home observing lockdown protocols with his family. 

Returning to musicians specifically, Twenty-One Pilots released their video for the song “Level of concern:”

The music video shows each member receiving a flash drive in the mail with the previous member’s performance as they work to create a cohesive music video that includes all of their individual contributions in one package video. 

For more entertainment news check out this article where Will Smith appears to have lost teeth in an incident involving Jason Derulo written by Malou Micola von Fürstenrecht

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