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Festivalgoers Massively Ripped Off At Fyre Festival In Bahamas

Processed cheese slices, anyone?

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Advertised as ‘two weekends in paradise’, attendees at the Fyre Festival, situated in Great Exuma in the Bahamas, were guaranteed that, for their money, they would be treated to an experience befitting royalty – villas and gourmet cuisine. The reality? Tents and cheese sandwiches.

Considering tickets range from $450 to an insane 12k (the latter price relating to the VIP treatment that totally didn’t happen), this is inexcusable. After all, it’s blatant false advertising. I think that, perhaps, the most offensive thing is that those cheese sandwiches aren’t even good cheese sandwiches. It’s those horrid little playdoh-esque processed slices. Jeez, talk about daylight robbery…


The festival has since been whacked with a $100m (£78m) lawsuit, as filed by an attendee. Full refunds have been offered to festivalgoers (yeah, probably a good call, guys).

Might as well have gone to this ‘festival’ instead…

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