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5,000 People Attend A Gig In Barcelona With No Social Distancing After COVID Testing

Is this what the future of live music looks like?

Image Credit: Cesar1973BCN / Youtube

The event was proposed by Spain’s health authorities as an experiment to ascertain the effectiveness of Coronavirus antigen tests for the future allowance of such large gatherings. 

With 5,000 attendees at Palau Sant Jordi arena, the testing and wearing of masks were sufficient enough for precautionary Covid measures. This meaning social distancing restrictions could be eased or lifted with these other extra measures in place.

Image Credit: Newzee / Youtube

The Spanish indie band Lesbians of Love, performed the concert with the permission of the Spanish authorities and from footage they made that night count. Over a microphone the lead singer of the bad excalimed:

“Welcome to one of the most exciting concerts of our lives!”

said Santi Balmes

This concerts success in precautionary measures may help to allow music fans and supporters of the cultural arts to perform to audiences again after over a year in lockdown. Marking this as an example of possible future events to start up again. The footage recorded by a fan only affirms that this day better get here fast and loose.

Video Credit: Cesar1973BCN / Youtube

Avid music fans received their antigen test results within 10 to 15 minutes via a mobile app. The test and mask were included with the ticket price which is exciting at the prospect of events to come, and that there are no extras fees because we all feel slightly robbed with the additional prices which mount up with any gig ticket.

Those with pre-existing conditions such as heart disease, cancer or those who had potential contact with Covid positive individuals were discouraged from signing up for the event.

A similar experimental concert on a smaller scale was carried out in December of last year with a sample size of 500 musical attendees using this same measures. The concert was a success hence the attempts at a larger scale.

Who knows what the future of large musical events will look like but one thing is for certain and that is that it shall be the audience masked and not the singer.

If you want to keep your little peepers nourished then continue here and read about how Netflix can read your future. Good luck to them.

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