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Harvey Weinstein Punched At Arizona Restaurant

How’s it feel, Harvey?

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It’s been quite some time since anyone has gotten an update on Harvey Weinstein. If you need a quick refresher, he is the Hollywood mogul who sexually assaulted handfuls of women and who has since been fired from his own production company. Remember now?

It seems as though no one is in the mood to forgive the monster just yet. A man recently tried to punch Weinstein in the face while he dined at a restaurant. The “attack” took place in Arizona, and TMZ was the first to break the story. The article is rather confusing and scattered, and it describes a bizarre train of events.

Read a little more of the original transcript for yourself below:

“Weinstein was at Elements restaurant at the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort in Scottsdale. He was eating dinner with his sober coach when two men sat down at a table next to them. 

One of the men – Steve – tells TMZ that he walked up to Weinstein and told him he loved his movies and would like a photo. Steve says Weinstein became belligerent and told him to buzz off. The manager of the restaurant says Weinstein was not belligerent. On the contrary, she says Weinstein was ‘very sweet about it’, and that he’d ‘rather not a take a picture right now’. The manager says the two men shook hands, and Steve went back to his table.

 At around 9pm, Weinstein and his sober coach got up to leave at the same time as Steve and his dinner companion. Steve tells TMZ that he had had ‘quite a bit to drink’ and told his friend to fire up his cell phone and shoot video of what was about to happen. 

Steve says he walked up to Weinstein and said, ‘You’re such a piece of shit for what you did to these women,’ and then punched him in the face twice. He says Weinstein stumbled backward and almost fell.

A restaurant manager says neither attempted punch connected, and the guy was drunk and out of control.

Both sides agree with the manager…the person who filmed the incident asked Weinstein if he wanted to call the police, but Weinstein declined. Everyone then left the restaurant.”

The whole account seems very messy. Clearly someone wanted attention and tried to make a fool out of himself and Weinstein. Not that the previous film producer didn’t deserve a little embarrassment, but perhaps not in quite so public or fancy of a venue.

Also, where is this supposed “footage”? Even if the story behind the attack is confusing, a video is worth a thousand words…or something like that.

Want more of the scoop? Read who else has dropped Harvey Weinstein from productions right here.

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