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Redditor Spent 13 Years Building This Minecraft City

Newisle is a city on Minecraft that was created by Blip noir. The city is avaliable on Minecraft Marketplace.

City on Minecraft
Newisle is a city that was made by Blip Noir on Minecraft. Photo Credit/Blip Noir

Blip Noir got into Minecraft on Reddit and started watching videos on it. People were building castles and medieval builds due to the limitations of Minecraft.

Each building is unique and inspired by cities like Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, and New York.

The map is about 4.5 square kilometers and has nine little towns or cities surrounding it.

Noir started building on Minecraft as a hobby and would use it to explore the elements. He wanted to expand the shortcomings in the world and make an improved version of cities like Toronto.

The Building of the City

Blip Noir started with castles and cobblestone builds in August 2010. Noir is an enthusiast of skylines, urbanism, and urban planning.

He wanted to add the best parts of European and North American cities into one.

As the game expanded, new blocks and building techniques became available to make Newisle a modern city.

The creator added a subway line that he could use to haul materials to and from downtown while in survival mode.

“It started turning into a lot more than just a couple of buildings, and I just kept going with it. It put my interests and hobbies around urbanism and urban planning into the game and just evolved,” Noir said.

The main building is Halcyon Tower, which is Noir’s favorite. The Willis Tower in Chicago and Aura in Toronto inspired this build.

World map of Newisle
The complete map of Newisle, which can be played on Minecraft. Photo Credit/Blip Noir

The Halcyon Tower represents what he likes about skylines, which are the standout skyscrapers and areas of architecture within the real world.

Noir wanted to mimic urbanism in Minecraft.

Growth of the Minecraft city

Once the transport system was created, the city grew around it.

He built the main city and decided to create a world with satellite towns, which helped to extend the scope of the city.

About 90% of the city is furnished because games could be unplayable with complete furnishing.

Inside of a building in Minecraft
As players explore the city, they can go inside and find hidden treasure. Photo Credit/Blip Noir

“When I plan other areas, I take into consideration the landforms. Whenever new elements of the world spawn, it creates more land. Any sort of land that interested me or had some features like cliffs or rivers, I tended to plan around that, ” Noir said.

Minecraft can generate new landforms and landscapes using an algorithm.

When new elements came to the game, Noir would use them to add more elements and landmarks to the city.

landmarks in Minecraft
Blip Noir created some of the landmarks within the city. Photo Credit/Blip Noir

Noir’s two favorite builds are a castle that he made in the beginning and the Halcyon Tower.

“I settled on the first island I found with a castle built and a couple around it. When I decided that this place was going to grow, I started linking together a series of Islands,” Noir said.

The Minecraft City Newisle is available on Minecraft Marketplace for consoles and phones.

The city has been shared on Reddit and uploaded onto Planet Minecraft. This allows anyone with Minecraft to visit and explore the site.

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