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Man in 2013 Guessed GTA 6 Would Come Out in 2025

This decade old tweet has proven to be prophetical.

Image: Rockstar Games/Nick Kamrada/Twitter

“Grand Theft Auto V” (GTA V), released by Rockstar Games a decade ago, remains a shining star of the gaming industry. Its success is evident in the numbers (exceeding 150 million copies sold) and by its enduring impact. Even years later, GTA V is recognized for the fervent love it continues to receive from fans.

However, the wait for the next installment, GTA VI, has been prolonged and tantalizing. Consequently, players have had to sustain themselves via Rockstar’s continued additions to the older title, including its robust multiplayer mode, GTA Online.

A Prophetic Tweet

One surprisingly prescient Twitter user foresaw the GTA drought just a month after the release data of GTA V.

Rockstar had been steadily producing a new GTA game every few years up to this point, thus making it quite a surprising prediction.

Whether a joke or a miraculous stroke of insight, Mr. Kamrada’s prediction was vindicated with the formal announcement of GTA VI’s release year in the recent trailer.

Screenshot of the final shot of the GTA 6 trailer, in which the release date is revealed
The final shot of the GTA VI trailer teases a broad release date. Credit: Rockstar

What to Expect from GTA VI

In addition to the free-roaming gameplay, gritty narratives, and abundant player choice that fans have come to expect from GTA, the trailer for the forthcoming installment promises some exciting additions.

First among these is the inclusion of two protagonists, one of whom is female. This represents a significant development for the series, which has historically focused on male characters

Two protagonists from GTA IV engaged in criminal activity.
GTA VI will feature one male and one female protagonist. Credit: Rockstar

The map will also be expanded. Players will be able to travel between Vice City and various other locations.

The game will be set in the present day, meaning updated technology. This includes what appears to be an in-game social media network. The game’s aesthetic style appears to have shifted as well, presumably to accommodate the next generation of gamers.

This is about all that was revealed in the brief trailer. Fans of the series will have to wait another year to see all the changes. For now, watch for more wild speculations about the game. They may just come true!

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