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From Los Santos To London: GTA V Mod In Progress

The long-awaited makeover is coming.

Kieran Merrilees

The ‘modding’ community has grown exponentially over the years, going from strength to strength, with mods, such as those created for Skyrim, big enough to qualify as games in their own right. For a long time, the masses have cried for Rockstar to release a London-based GTA. So long, in fact, that the ‘modders’ have decided to do it first.

That’s right. ‘Project London’ is underway: a full 3D rendition. To give you an idea of the level of detail that’s going into this, here’s what coder, Kieran Merrilees, had to say:

I got a message the other day from some guy asking if the roads could be done-if the cars could be swapped to the opposite side in the style of British road networks. I sat down and calculated the work for that. I’m looking at 210 hours just for the roads.

Being part of various [modding] communities has made me realise that I’ve got an opportunity to do something.

And that’s where Project London started. Compared to other games, GTA is easier to mod, it’s easy to get the files that you need in order to do work, and there are a lot of people who’re able to offer advice and help out. That fact alone spurs you on to do more.

To be honest it was becoming aware of the modding communities that support Grand Theft Auto V that encouraged me to start doing the work I’m doing.

Between [the three of us] we’re trying to push forward and see what we can do, and achieve as much as we can achieve.

Isn’t it brilliant how fresh life can be breathed, time and again, into an old game? Definitely something to be excited about. Next step: GTA VR.

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