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Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge From The Simpsons is Now a Real Game

Who else wanted this when they were a kid?

A goofy joke from The Simpsons has been made into a reality by a developer who turned Lee Carvallo’s Puting Challenge into a playable game. 

In another case of The Simpsons predicting the future, their hilarious bit from Season 7, Episode 11 is now a real thing. In that episode, Bart desperately wants a new video game called Bonestorm but is unable to convince Marge because of it’s violence and price tag. Instead, for Christmas Bart receives a copy of Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge which is then seen in all it’s pixelated glory over the ending credits.

Since this one-off joke, a developer named Aaron Demeter decided the best way to spend his time was to actually make a playable version of this game. He built the game using Unity on, and he brought in audio from the actual episode itself. You can play the game here on your web-browser for free. But if you’re feeling supportive, you can throw a few bucks his way for this amazing little game.

Image from Arron Demeter

The idea behind this joke came from the writer Mike Scully’s real life attempt to shoplift a store for something he really wanted. The trauma of his theft and bring caught inspired the episode and, according to his Variety interview:

To this day it still terrifies me. It’s great to be paid for reliving the horrors of your life.

It’s a surprisingly fun little game for how simple it is, but maybe that’s just my nostalgia talking. The Simpsons is one of the funniest shows ever made and this episode is right during the show’s prime years. I can only hope other creative people turn this into a trend of making content based around obscure Simpsons bits. If you want more gaming news, this new KFC gaming console may tickle your fancy.

Featured Image from Fox/The Simpsons

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