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‘Horizon Forbidden West’ PC Release Date

Discover the latest updates on ‘Horizon Forbidden West’ PC Release Date – Get ready to embark on Aloy’s epic journey on your computer soon!

Horizon Forbidden West
Guerrilla Games

PlayStation, a household name in the gaming industry, is expanding its reach into the world of PC gaming. With notable successes like Marvel’s Spider-Man and God of War, the gaming giant is making its mark on the PC platform. 

The question on every gamer’s mind: What’s next from PlayStation for PC?

While PlayStation’s recent attempts at PC ports on platforms like Steam have left some players underwhelmed, the company is committed to improving the quality of these ports. This commitment is evident in their recent confirmation of an ongoing trend – bringing beloved PlayStation titles to the PC.

Is Horizon Forbidden West on PC?    

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter. The latest buzz in the gaming community suggests that Horizon Forbidden West is the next PlayStation game slated for a PC release. But why should we care?

The Horizon Franchise’s Triumph

The Horizon franchise has emerged as a colossal success story for PlayStation. The latest installment, Horizon Forbidden West, has already achieved an impressive milestone by selling over 8 million copies across both the PS4 and PS5 platforms. With such a strong track record, it’s no surprise that PlayStation sees the potential for success on the PC.

Billbil-kun’s Reliable Intel

The information regarding Horizon Forbidden West’s PC release comes from a trusted industry insider known as Billbil-kun. Billbil-kun has a proven track record of accurate leaks related to PlayStation, Xbox, and more. As expected, Horizon Forbidden West will find its new home on both Steam and the Epic Games Store.

The Complete Edition Unveiled

Gamers have another reason to celebrate as a Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition has been hinted at. This comprehensive edition includes the base game and all available DLC, offering a bundled experience for newcomers and devoted fans alike.

Horizon Forbidden West PC Release Date

In February 2022, the highly anticipated Horizon Forbidden West release date made its grand entrance into the gaming world. Fast forward to the middle of April 2023, and the numbers were nothing short of impressive. Developer Guerrilla Games reported that the game had already reached a staggering 8.4 million copies sold, solidifying its place as a monumental success.

State of Play: A Potential Announcement

There’s speculation within the gaming community that a PlayStation State of Play event might be on the horizon (no pun intended). Such an event would provide the perfect platform to announce the impending PC release of Horizon Forbidden West.

Billbil-kun’s Reliability

If you’re skeptical about these rumors, it’s worth noting that Billbil-kun has a history of being spot-on with insider information. This adds credibility to the report, making it a compelling prospect for PC gamers.

A Technical Marvel

Horizon Forbidden West has earned its reputation as one of the most technically impressive first-party PlayStation games. While it already shines on the PS4, it truly harnesses the power of the PS5 for a superior gaming experience. If this trend continues, the PC version may indeed offer the ultimate way to enjoy Horizon Forbidden West.

Conclusion: A Bright PC Gaming Horizon

In summary, PlayStation’s expansion into the PC gaming realm is an exciting development. Horizon Forbidden West’s potential PC release is a testament to the game’s widespread appeal. As we eagerly await official confirmation and a release date, it’s clear that PC gamers have much to look forward to. Stay tuned for further updates on this thrilling journey to bring Horizon Forbidden West to a broader audience.

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