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Epic Gamers Can Now Get Paid Teaching People How To Play Fortnite

Gamers rise up.

Put down that controller and pick up your checkbook, cause there is money to be made during this plague. If you consider yourself competent at video games then you could get paid to help folks learn to play FIFA, Fortnite and Call of Duty.

While all life everywhere is cancelled for the foreseeable future from Coronavirus, lots of people are stuck at home looking for things to do. It’s natural that video games are going to be a respite from this crisis for millions of people all over the world; but one U.K. company sees potential for gamers to make a buck helping people learn the ropes. 

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There’s lots of bored, self-isolating people who under normal circumstances wouldn’t be interested din video games who are now open to the prospect. A U.K.-based online marketplace Bidvine is interested in hiring ‘gaming coaches’ to teach these new players how to play some of the more popular games out there. 

The co-founder of Bidvine, Russ Morgan, sold this concept by saying:

“There will be many people out there looking for ways to earn some extra income during self-isolation, so we wanted to highlight one of our most popular services to ensure that those who are passionate about gaming are aware they can charge to teach others how to be the best using their skills”

He also emphasized that “There is a demand for this”. 

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If you’re like me, you’ve wasted way too much time on video games and want to finally make some money off those kill-streaks. If so then you could check out Bidvine’s service category on their site and become a video game coach. There’s flexibility on your hours and payment, but you could earn up to £30 an hour (which is $33 in USD).

I’ve waited for this moment my entire life. Hours of gaming late into the night will finally pay off when I make bank off teaching noobs how to press X over and over. Yeah, sure, it feels a little exploitative to make money off teaching very simple (and pointless) skills to strangers during the worst public health crisis since the Spanish Flu, but that’s showbiz baby. If you need to take a brake from an intense Fortnite session and want to help nurse your Covid-19 infection, consider taking a nice cow dung bath.

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